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As of Summer 2020, the Veterans Party of North Carolina seeks state recognition and to be the next political party on the North Carolina ballot. We are actively looking to expand our state team and county positions. If you are looking to get into politics and wish to be a part of the newest political party, please click on the Contact tab. We will provide training & no experience is required for county or state positions. At this time, we cannot run candidates except in non-partisan elections until we are recognized by the state.

The North Carolina State Board of Elections require us to gather 12,000 signatures before 2024 from across our great state in order to become recognized. After we achieve this goal, we can run candidates for elections & fundraise. The NC Board of Elections does not allow us to collect signatures digitally, so we must collect them in ink on the following form. This form is a petition only, it does not switch your party status to ours.

We need Signature Collectors from all over the state to achieve our goal, with your help we can achieve it.


  1. Click the following image to download the pdf and print it.
  2. In the blank field following "registered voters in" write the name of the county where you will be collecting signatures.
  3. Only registered voters from the county you have written may sign this form. For example, if you are collecting signatures in Wake County, only Wake County voters may sign the form. If someone from Johnston County wants to sign, a new form must be printed.
  4. Fill out all fields, use BLACK INK ONLY, do not fill out anything below line 20, DO NOT digitally fill out the form.
  5. Once the form has 20 signatures or you cannot gather anymore, notify a local VPNC member or turn the form into your local Board of Elections office.

Click the picture to download the pdf version of the signature request form.